Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Mother says die

There's been some discussion lately about Democratic Party as the "Mommy" (nurturing) party and the Republican Party as the "Dad" (disciplinarian) party. It's been crazy insane busy, so I've forgotten the links.

In any case, here's an example from the Great White North (Canada) where Mom's not so nurturing. Even though the doctor says "operate now", Mom tells a cancer patient that no, she doesn't see the emergency and won't authorize immediate treatment. But she still loves you, really:

The tumour in Debbie Trelenberg's abdomen was so large she was unable to fasten her jeans. She feared the mass might rupture – a sentiment shared by her family doctor – but an operation to remove it in Edmonton was nearly four weeks away.

So Ms. Trelenberg packed a bag, put on sweatpants and headed to the United States.

Mommy didn't think it was a big deal. Don't worry your pretty little head now, dearie:

Now that Ms. Trelenberg has lost her appeal, the next step, should she choose to pursue it, is to make an application for a judicial review.

However, Tracey Bailey, executive director at the Health Law Institute in Edmonton, said such a review typically focuses on whether the “decision was made in a fair and reasonable way” and not on the medical details of the case.

Medical details relevant? Nah.

“Given the speed with which her tumour enlarged and the aggressiveness of the cell type,” wrote Dr. Sails in the letter dated March 7, “I am convinced that it could easily have ruptured at any moment.” If that had happened, Dr. Sails wrote, it could have resulted in the “spillage of massive amounts of malignant cells through her abdominal and pelvic cavities.”
Maybe they don't have enough doctors because they're trying to catch all the rats and cockroaches.

Me, I can't wait for the Democrats to give us HillaryCare. We just won't have anywhere to go for our operations.

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