Sunday, August 3, 2008

Are scientists wierd?

Well, yeah:Any regular reader of XKCD knows that science (and engineering) can be wierd (if you're not a regular reader, how come?).

I was trained as an engineer (Electrical, thanks for asking), so I can testify to the wierdness and wonderfulness that comes with the turf. Like taking a box of not-quite-random equipment into the basement of the Physics building, measuring long distances in the biggest room there, setting up lasers and rotating mirrors, turning out the lights, and measuring the speed of freaking light. Best. Experiment. Ever.

Alas, it's been a long way from the physics lab. But SecretLivesOfScientists writes about the excitement and strangeness of science. She'd know, since she's smack in the middle of it.

“No ground breaking work has ever been done by people who know their place in the world and are content with it.”

That kinda rings a bell, but there are exceptions, like accidental discoveries. I wouldn’t call my work groundbreaking, but I have made a few interesting discoveries that went something like this:

Boss: (looking at my data) that’s interesting, what made you decide to do this experiment?

Me: I f***ed up my other experiment, and it looked kinda cool, so then I f***ed with it s’more, on purpose, with controls.

Go read. This may be the new Bill Nye The Science Guy.

Oh, and for anyone still unsure why computer security is important, there's this:

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Anonymous said...

I have that very sign (stand back...) on my lab bench!!!!