Friday, August 29, 2008

Road Trip with #2 son - Day 2

In many ways, Niagara Falls feels like a Casino - it's designed to separate you from your money. Easy to find the far-from-the-falls, pay parking; hard to find the close-to-the-falls, free parking. Tatty souvenir shops. An actual, you know, Casino.

But. It's. Cool.

You have to look at it in motion to get a feel for the sheer power of it - a picture simply cannot capture it. Even mega-lame turned-90-degrees video.

Then on to Cleveland.

Lots of fun at the science center - thanks for the suggestion, Breda! But they're a little, shall we say, discriminating of who they let in?

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doubletrouble said...

Did you get to meet the lovely Breda & the not-so-lovely Mike whilst you were there?