Wednesday, August 20, 2008

ChiCom.Gov cheats at Olympics - pix at 11

Internet search engines see all, forget nothing. Even Google's self-inflicted lobotomy wasn't enough to keep the lid on this:
I don't really feel that it's about the gymnastics age limit, or even really about whether fraud occurred. At this point, I believe that any reasonable observer already understands that age records have been forged. This story now is really about Internet censorship, the act of removing evidence while at the same time claiming that the evidence is wrong. For the first time I watched search records shift under my feet like sand, facts draining down a hole in the Internet.
Seems that he found online docs from a ChiCom.Gov site that showed that one of their gymnasts was under age. Then the document disappeared from search engines, including Google's cache.

The ChiCom.Gov isn't at issue here. Anyone who's shocked that they might actually, y'know, cheat ain't exactly the highest watt bulb around. What's been amply demonstrated is that the Intarwebz archives have all the authority of, well, Wikipedia.

We also know what Google's price is. Hey guys, if you're going to be evil, don't be cheap. Or stupid.

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