Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Even brits realize that they have no rights

And even the technical press is talking about it. This can only be a sign as to a massive failure in the soft and cuddly LuLabor "I can haz human right?" marketing campaign:
These really aren’t Rights at all - rather, they are an expression of the conviction that the current model of the British welfare state is somehow inevitable and proper. In linguistic terms – note the liberal use of words such as “appropriate” and “reasonable” – they are a bureaucrat’s wet dream, setting out in no uncertain terms not the scope of our aspirations, but the limit to our freedoms.
The similarity to "reasonable restrictions" on the second amendment seem very, well, European:
Let me get this straight. If I want to carry because I have to walk through a neighborhood that’s a warzone, I need to get medical clearance, take a polygraph, and I can only carry as I’m walking through that neighborhood as long as The Queen deems it to be a legitimate reason?
Yeah, that's about it.

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