Friday, August 29, 2008

3 questions about Sarah Palin

1. How will "Hillary democrats" view her? Lissa has a great post with a roundup of "Huzzah" reactions from the folks who wouldn't vote for Obama anyway. We're not the target demographic. I think we'll need a few weeks for this to sink in with the real target demographic.

2. Assuming that the McCain folks are right, and this leads to a Reagan-Democrat style crossover vote, what will this do down-ticket? IOW, will this lead to better luck for GOP Senate/House/Governor races?

3. If not, then how will a Democratic congressional majority deal with VP Palin that doesn't really tick off the Hillary Democrats?

Boy, howdy, this looks like maybe the most interesting election I've ever seen, and I'm a wicket old fart.

UPDATE 29 August 2008 21:16: Well, someone seems energized by Palin:
Oh and my email box is still being flooded with emails from people saying that they're donating and volunteering for McCain for the first time. One person said they had to hit the donate button on McCain's website five times before they didn't get a server error.

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