Friday, August 16, 2019

The more the ZOMGTHERMADEDDON!!!11!!eleventy!! changes ...

... the more it stays the same.  From ten years ago on this blog, and nothing is changed at all:

Anthropogenic Continental Drift threatens end of the planet!

A new menace to the planet has been discovered and validated by a consensus of politically reliable scientists: Anthropogenic Continental Drift (ACD) will result in catastrophic damage and untold suffering, unless immediate indemnity payments from the United Sates, Europe, and Australia be made to the governments of non-industrial nations, to counteract this man-made threat to the world's habitats.

And for all of you darn Deniers out there, the Science® is settled! Settled I say!
This widening of the Atlantic is taking place at an astounding rate, according to indisputable IPCD scientific data. Today it costs almost a third again as much to fly an Air France jet from New York to Paris than it did in 1997, a clear indicator that the ocean has indeed increased in size in the past decade.
So sit down, shut up, and fall in line.

Hey you Deniers! Get the heck off my lawn!

Hat tip: Maggie's Farm.


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Jerry said...

I have great fun blaming glow-bull warmening on anthropogenic sunspot depletion brought about by all the solar energy plants.

BillM said...

The law of conservation of landmass or principle of landmass conservation states that for any system closed to all transfers of matter and energy, the landmass of the system must remain constant over time, as system's landmass cannot change, so quantity can neither be added nor be removed. Hence, the quantity of landmass is conserved over time.

This is settled science---so does this mean if airfare has increased to France we should see an equal drop in transportation costs to Asia? The known fact
that ChinaPost can ship a kitchen gadget from Guangzhou to the US for 50¢ would seem to support that theory.