Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Ten years ago on this blog

Well, the economy is better now.  They won't have to lay Andre off after all.

Boy, the economy is really bad

They're going to have to lay Andre off.

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waepnedmann said...

I was once the General Foreman on a county jail and courthouse construction project.
One day, as I was exiting the project and crossing the street to the job office trailer, I noticed a group of county employees clustered up about fifty yards away. They were re-pouring a section of sidewalk that had been cut it to run a fiber optic line to the computer system for the project.
The patch was only about three feet wide and about four feet long. There were seven county employees clustered around it. I counted. There were three inspectors and several other county workers standing watching a black county cement finisher, down on his hands and knees, finishing the concrete. I hustled into the job office to grab the camera to document the moment, but by the time I got back most of the county crew had dispersed.

Later in life I worked for a county agency. You do not want to suggest a better, more efficient way to do something. It will not be appreciated. You do not want to work too hard. One of my performance reviews noted that I needed to learn to work better with people that had a different work ethic than I.