Wednesday, August 21, 2019

27 years ago at Ruby Ridge

Alex emails to point us to an excellent retrospective on the anniversary of Ruby Ridge.  There's a lot there that I hadn't known - the Fed.Gov paid out almost $4M to the survivors of the siege, that "Cadillac" Deval Patrick found no government wrongdoing (this was before he was Governor of Massachusetts), and that the Agents involved in the shootings all got commendations.


And Lon Horiuchi's whereabouts is currently unknown, although he seems to no longer be the marketing face of H-S Precision firearms.  The ghost of Vicki Weaver whispers to us that we should not forget her, or Horiuchi, or H-S Precision.  In that spirit, allow me to roll this out from many years back:

No man likes to live under the eye of perpetual disapprobation.
- Dr. Sam Johnston 
Mr. Horiuchi is well advised to get used to it.

If you've never heard this story, go read Alex's post and check out the Resistance Library they have there which has much food for thought.  Also think about the Deep State, and how long it's been around.  Remember, Ruby Ridge happened under the Presidency of George H.W. Bush.  Of course, we've known for a while that he's a dirty commie, and the Deep State runs deeper than anyone talks about.


McChuck said...

The federal government well and truly earned Oklahoma City. No, the bombers had no idea there was a daycare center there.

Ever notice that the mass gun grabs stopped right after that?

Miguel GFZ said...
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Miguel GFZ said...

The only year H-S Precision ran ads with Horiuchi, theirs was the only booth in SHOT SHOW devoid of visitors. They dropped him after that.

Old NFO said...

He showed up at NRA ONCE, and was booed, then ignored along with H-S Precision's booth.

Borepatch said...

Miguel, it doesn't matter that they only had him there once. To some of us what matters is that they had him there at all.

Beans said...

What Borepatch said to Miguel, squared.

H-S Precision is dead to a lot of people I know. And I was present at a gun store when someone wanted their H-S worked on, and the store refused.

Remember, people still hold Ruger at fault for what Bill Ruger did during Clinton's administration. And every other gun manufacturer like S&W who have caved to gun-grabbers.

H-S was staffed by people who should have known better. Serves them right.

On the other side of the coin is Barrett. When Califruitopiastan banned .50cal weapons, they stopped shipping any .50cal weapons to CA Law Enforcement Agencies, including ones that were in for servicing. That is the proper way to respect one's customer base and the 2nd Amendment.

The two rancher standoffs didn't kick into shooting sieges because of the legacy of Ruby Ridge, though Finicum was ambushed and murdered much in the same way as at Ruby Ridge (pow pow pow, Hand's Up!) The standoffs got close, but for once, maybe due to the ranchers being better armed and in large enough force, and controlling some media, the government didn't get to go full murder-kill.

Funny, screwy fake government records about weapons also led to the murderous siege at Waco.

It's almost like you can't trust the BAFTE, Marshall's Service and FBI to uphold the rules of law. Weird, huh?

LSP said...

DS? Like Dark Matter but not quite so invisible.

Richard said...

And while we are remembering Ruby Ridge, let's remember the role of Bill Bar. He was AG then and after he left office de a lot of pro bono work to get the state charges against Horiuchi quashed