Thursday, August 15, 2019

Chet Atkins - Nuages

Atkins said that Django Reinhardt (composer of this song) was one of the ten greatest guitarists of the 20th Century.  Jeff Beck called Reinhardt "superhuman", which is pretty funny since the Nazis who occupied Paris during Reinhardt's career had a very different idea of that word.  Willie Nelson has played this song for a long time.  I can see why.


Dan said...

I heard BB King call Django Reinhardt one of his heroes. I know Joe Bonamassa did "Django" in his honor. Nice to see he's getting his due in the 21st Century, too.

clar said...

Cool videos.Just wow!

Ken said...

Django Reinhardt was an otherworldly player. If you'll forgive a plug (I've got no skin in the game other than as a listener), Jazz Radio (jazzradio dot com) has a good gypsy jazz channel (also very good bebop and hard bop, and a really respectable blues channel). Ad-supported version is free, and available via browser or as an app. I like to listen to jazz and classical while I work.