Monday, August 19, 2019

Recycling is bad for the environment

With very few exceptions (aluminum cans) recycling not only costs more but generates more pollution. So why do people do it?  It's a religious act, by people who want to be seen performing religious acts.


Old NFO said...

Interestingly, most of the DC area has now gone BACK to single stream refuse... IOW, it ALL goes in the same dumpster.

Beans said...

I followed one of the recycling trucks in my city. Right to the recycling center, which is otherwise known as the landfill.

Most of the scrap collected during WWII was never scrapped. It was for moral purposes, not for actual war materials purposes.

High-grade steel. Aluminium. Precious metals to an extent. Some glass, within a reasonable distance from supply to factory.

Otherwise, safer and cheaper to not recycle.

Allen said...

One reason only. Money. If I can get back some of the money I pay out in CRV I'm going to.

LSP said...

Yes, very.

Spin said...

There is process coming on stream now that can "eat" plastic waste and turn it into methane. The process is self enrgizing in that some of the methane recovered can be used to make electricity to run the process. So, big dealings, we have tons of Natural Gas (methane) do to fracking. the thing is is that this process will eat the plastic island in the Pacific. It will eat old carpets, it will eat the halogen rich plastics in old computer cases. Anything organic can be processed. After some separation the by-products can be used as fertilizer. Test plants in Germany, Saudi Arabia and Georgia.

This needs some government help and meetings have been held with Jared K at the Whitehouse. He said to get the enviroweenies to support it and then have them demand that the government do something and they (Trump) will. So this is the point its at, proven tech trying to get the environmental lobby to look at it but it would make their jobs of complaining away. Can't have that so it waits for its day in the sun.

Spin Drift

Will said...

The largest recycling business in CA (~500 stations) just went bust. Oh, and the cities in the San Jose area charge everyone for recycling. That they could never even break even on that service says a lot. Idiots and virtue signaling (but I repeat myself).