Friday, August 9, 2019

Cody Wilson pleads guilty

It looks like a plea bargain to something less than a felony, but the reporting leaves a lot out:
Wilson, through a tentative plea agreement his lawyers reached with Travis County prosecutors, pleaded guilty to a reduced charge of injury to a child in exchange for a recommended sentence that will keep him out of prison but require him to register as a sex offender for seven years while he serves deferred adjudication probation. Wilson, who forfeited his firearms last year when he was released from jail on bond, will not be able to own a gun while he’s on probation.
So it looks like this was not a felony, and presumably after the seven year period he's in the clear.  Or not - who knows?

It also looks like this is unlikely to have been a government setup - he was trolling Internet boards on his own.

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TCK said...

Of course it wasn't a set-up, it's a total coincidence that the incident involved a popular hook-up site that claims in-depth verification of its users and whose owners and employees faced no consequences whats-so-ever!