Saturday, June 14, 2014


You can't get a more stark example of how the Patriarchy crushes the hopes of aspiring young women professionals.  Reporter called "tacky" because of her outfit:
ATLANTA – A driver crashed a car through the lobby of the CNN Center early Friday morning.

Police responded to the Marietta Street side of the building at about 4:15 a.m. A Mercedes convertible with a Florida tag had crashed through the glass entrance. It ended up all the way inside the lobby.

It is unclear if it was done on purpose or if it was just an accident.
Except the person being interviewed is a woman, too.  The reporter is taking it with a fair amount of grace:
“Clearly if this woman says I look tacky, it has to be true,” she tweeted.

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Chris said...

OTOH, if I ask/tell a media person that I do not want to talk to them, and they continue past the second "No comment", I will feel free treat them like a telemarketer. I understand this is unrelated to your point. Just sayin'.