Saturday, June 7, 2014

I put 200 miles on the motorcycle today

Hot day, but fun for a ride.  But I've only put 700 miles on it since buying it in February, so I need to up my game.

But man, I'm a little wrung out from the ride.  Need to up my game.


Richard Blaine said...

200 is a decent day, my longest was 460. On my trip I averaged about 360.

deadmandance said...

Your little picture left out what bluesun thinks you do.

I've crashed enough on non-motorized bikes to get kinda squeemy to want to ride anything with gas.

The Big Guy said...

Not to engage in oneupsmanship, but 200 miles is less than 1 tank of gas (around town).
Average multi-day trip milage, 500-600 miles (alone), with HD Co-riders 400-500 a day.
Longest day- 5:00 am - 10:00 pm, 1,071 miles. (New Orleans to Key West.) I peed blood for two days after that trip.
Good times, good times.

OMMAG said...

I commend you ...

I've only managed to squeeze time out for 2 tanks of gas since May24