Friday, June 6, 2014

Protect your email

It's been a year since the Snowden revelations of pervasive NSA monitoring.  The Free Software Foundation is recognizing this anniversary by promoting the use of Open Source email encryption software.  It's an easy step by step set of instructions, and it will annoy the NSA's Eye Of Sauron program, which sounds as close to a Categorical Imperative* as anything I can think of.

* An idea introduced by Immanuel Kant, describing something that is both absolutely required and absolutely justified.


Old NFO said...

Got it, thanks.

Cap'n Jan said...

Great idea, and get the little stickers they sell (EFF does good work, they are worth a little donation) to put over your camera on the laptop. Yeah, I know. A post-it note does the same thing. But they don't have the cool logo ;-> EFF. Long may they continue their almost impossible task.

Great meeting you if I didn't mention it already. Next time you're in town, we'd love to see you if you find yourself at odd ends!

Cap'n Jan

Goober said...

Don't forget - there is no certainty that the NSA can't override this technology.

Seriously, if there is something you're doing that you don't want them to know about, don't e-mail it.

But I like the idea just on a "mess with the bastards" level. Why make it easy? I can send 500 volumes of Hello Kitty Haikus to my friends in Georgia, or I could encrypt those 500 volumes, make the NSA think I've got something to hide, and waste their time messing with decrypting it.

Serves the SOBs right.