Sunday, June 8, 2014

Good cop, bad cops

There's a discussion forum that is quite illustrative of how many in the law enforcement community view us.  One cop posted about the no-knock raid where a flash bang grenade was tossed into a toddler's crib.  He is appalled, and in my book is the good cop.

He's maybe the only one.  The sense of entitlement that oozes all through the thread is quite stunning.  Here's an example reply to him:
Carbon how many years you been in LE?
How many Warrants you serve?
Do you know why LE uses no knock?

I'm glad with all of your years of experiance [sic] and training you have such a strong oponion. [sic]

Parents did that to their child not the officers.
As a point of fact, the baby was visiting with this parents from out of town.  No drugs were found in the house.

As I said in a previous post, it's important that some of the cops go to prison over this:
But I disagree that nobody should go to jail.  Prison is designed not only as a punishment, but to set an example that will deter other fascist scum.
If you have a strong stomach, read the Law Enforcement Forum thread to get a sense of just how many "Peace Officers" could use some deterrent.

UPDATE 8 June 2014 11:32: Here's another good cop.  More like him, please.


Robert Fowler said...

I read that the other day and disgusted doesn't begin to cover it.

I think any judge that issues a no knock warrant should be the first one in, in his robes. Followed by the DA, briefcase in hand.

Jeremy Brock said...

Untrustworthy LEOs really screw things up for the other 20%.

Dave H said...

I thought maybe the "they deserved it" crowd might have included a bunch of trolls, but most of those users have join dates of at least 5 years ago. It's possible they're posers, but damn. Lotta Judge Dredd wannabes there.

Goober said...

That baby really shouldn't have been hanging around with drug dealers! Doesn't he know that the police will throw incidiary devices at you for just bein suspected of being near a drug dealer?

And that, my friends, is the problem with flash bangs. I don't care if they save police lives (they likely don't). They are deadly weapons (multiple people have died, including police officers, because of flash bang explosions) that are being deployed against people who have not established as a deadly threat, who have not been tried or convicted of any crime, many who are not even suspected of having committed a crime (unless you care to argue that this infant had a warrant out for his arrest)...

Whatever happened to "innocent until proven guilty?" Or "Serve and Protect?"

Because that innocent public you're supposed to be serving and protecting? Yeah, some of them were in that room when you threw a goddamned BOMB in there...