Sunday, June 22, 2014

I've been unplugged for a bit

I have plenty of blog material*, but it's actually been quite nice not to be on the 'net for a bit.  I've gotten quite a lot done around the house, and read hundreds of pages in this:

Will probably finish it today.  Two volumes down, ten to go.  There's blog material in there, too, but the Muse** does not call.  So instead I'm going to putter around the place, and maybe watch some of the World Cup with #1 Son.  I dare say I'll be back soon, just don't know when.

* I have something like 18 open tabs on blogable topics.  The problem is not coming up with the subjects.

** Blogable trivia: "Museum" is from the ancient Greek.  It was the first temple to the Muses, in the Alexandrian library.  The story's actually more interesting than I just told, which is kind of my whole point.


libertyman said...

Quite a feat to read the whole of the Durant's epic. I have just finished D-Day through French Eyes by Mary Louise Roberts. Headed to Normandy this week.

juvat said...

As they say, "Take your time, we'll be here when you get back"