Monday, June 2, 2014

Seven guns in one

An advert from when I was 6 or 7.

The past is another country, foreign in its strangeness.  This is from the same era:

This is what we talked about at school.  Try that these days ...


burt said...

In the era of "duck and cover", we made sure that our children did their homework, household chores, go to their religious studies, and lived in a home with a mother and a father.

Today, in the era of "everyone gets a trophy", single parent or gay parent "families" prioritize video games over homework, don't require their children to do any household chores, suggest that they decide which gender they want to be, and teach them that "the rich" are the reason that they don't have everything that they want.

Today's motto must be something like "Life is hard and you'll probably fail, so why even try."

OMMAG said...

I remember well the great toys of the sixties. The J7 was on my wishlist but what I really wanted was a Sonic Blaster and ended up getting a Mighty Mo. All too static as turned out in our neighborhood wars of insurrection. So I took my lawn mower money and bought a Daisy Scout BB gun.

Capitalism and better arms soon weeded out the unfit in our world of juvenile anarchy.

OMMAG said...

BTW .... what's happening with the motorcycle adventures?

armedlaughing said...


I never had one of those, but I did have a Mattel Fanner Fifty with Greenie Stickum Caps and Matty Mattel real spring-loaded cartridges and bullets!
My Dad even special ordered a western LH rig for it!
I later had the Mattel Detective Special that took the same 'ammo'.
But I had to turn the shoulder rig inside out to suit my left-handed ness.

I'm certain even mentioning this history in school would bring a suspension, at a minimum.


NotClauswitz said...


Ken said...

I had a Sixfinger. What I wanted was Napoleon Solo's gun. :-)