Friday, June 13, 2014

Bits and pieces

Who in the Atlanta area would be up for a blogride?  Where we all gather on our motorcycles and go to some place interesting?  Tons of places around, and the 150th anniversary of Beast Sherman gives a bunch of opportunities.

It's been a little over a week since my Brother-from-another-Mother ASM826 started posting some righteous shooty goodness here.  I'm tickled as can be about this, not just because he's someone who I never would have met without this whole blogosphere thing, but because it seems that all y'all like his stuff.  So far there are 42 (!) comments on his posts, in only a week.  And he hasn't even posted pictures of the totally cool reloading stuff that he has secreted away in his undisclosed bunker location.  If you like what he's doing, I encourage you to leave a comment.  Those are like crack to a blogger.

Damnitall, I need to start reloading.  This is inspiring me (at least a bit) to get off my butt.  And I have hundreds of .303 Brit bullets, courtesy of ASM826's network if clandestine operatives.  Maybe Differ can break away sometime and we can do some reloading, and then retire to a fine English bitter or two ...

Reading Brigid's book is a reminder on just how rare her talent with words is.  She has probably had the biggest impact on improving my own writing (yes I know, damning with faint praise).  Every once in a while, though, this influence rises to near her level.  I could not have written this without her influence, and having seen Dad's reaction to that post, I'm profoundly grateful for that gift from her.

A bunch of folks have emailed in the last month or two, and I've been so caught up in a family life that is talking in its Outdoors Voice that I've not replied.  Things are (hopefully) quieting down some now, and so I shall get right to this.  I shall endeavor in future to suck less.

And shamelessly stolen from Claire Wolf, here's an insanely clever cat food commercial with the guy who did the Sad Dog Diary and Sad Cat Diary on Youtube.  Very, very well done.


Dave H said...

I don't impress easily when it comes to commercial ads, but I take my hat off to the folks behind this one. It's not really a commercial. It's an excellent cat video with a very skillful product placement.

Viral marketing - you're doing it right!

Cap'n Jan said...

Just wow. I can see why this was a pivotal moment in your life. Although I bet you would still be The Man You Are regardless of this one event.

What an interesting story besides the obvious hero of the moment aspect.** That you had such a different perspective from that of the Director and the parents of that very fortunate child.

I've had this same lesson taught to me a few times over the years, albeit in lesser dire circumstances. Nonetheless, I will remember this and try to understand those that seem to have a different view from mine of the same situation.

Fair Winds and Following Seas, Borepatch!

Cap'n Jan

**True Heroes are those that act without self-regard, knowing the dangers, and while you say you didn't, you did. You saw the water, made a judgement call and you dove in anyway. This obviously does not include people who toss balls at hoops. I am insulted and somewhat sickened when I see 'hero' applied to some idiot sports figure.

ASM826 said...

All any of us can endeavor to do is suck less in the future.

Differ said...

Blogride sounds fun - does it have to be two wheels?....else I'll be lagging on a pedal bike!

MrGarabaldi said...

Blogride in the Atlanta area...? Sure I'm in...lemme know when.