Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Geek tip: how to extract specific pages from a multi-page PDF file

This is uber geeky, and so if that's not your bag, Baby, then you might want to skip this.

I recently had to break down a multi-page PDF file into different PDFs - basically, rearranging the file into logical sections each as its own file.  This is neatThis, too.

As you'd expect, there are ways to combine multiple PDF files into a single PDF as well.

We now return you to a less geeky normal blogging schedule.

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Ken said...

For non-Linux users, open-source tools such as PDFSAM (PDF Split And Merge) provide the same function. I expect there are others as well, but I've used PDFSAM in the past and it works. So does Acrobat Pro, but that's spendy.