Sunday, June 15, 2014

Seen in the downtown

Even in Red State Georgia, you still find pockets of resistance ...

Here's a bigger view of the, err, decorations:

Yeah, OK then.


Rev. Paul said...

There's a small-ish community about 40 miles east/southeast of Anchorage called Girdwood. It's where the hippies & ski bums migrated, and home to the Alyeska Resort.

Tie-died jean & shirts, flower-painted vans, and wafting clouds of marijuana smoke. That van would fit right in.

Dave H said...

About the only thing I see on that van that I'd take issue with is the Kurt Cobain thing. I miss Jim Croce more. Everything else, well, diff'rent strokes. That's what "Coexist" is about. (To which my response is, "I will if you will.")

Cecil Henry said...

Owes his existence and his paycheck to big government and confiscatory taxes.

A self righteous parasite.

Stop working for them.

Michael Brahier said...

I think you are stereotyping a bit here. I see nothing that assures me this character is a big government leftist. Could be, but maybe not. I have a van like that and take no exception with those stickers.

Be careful lest you alienate potential allies. We need all we can get.

MrGarabaldi said...

Probably from the enclave of Emory, it is full of white liberals surrounded by black democrats in the city of Atlanta. It is the only place I still see "Obama stickers"