Sunday, June 15, 2014

Everything that is wrong with the way this society treats men ...

... is on display today at Postsecret.  Don't click through unless you have a strong stomach. All I can say is that there's no way they'd do something like this on Mother's Day.

You can find something to take the taste out of your mouth at Judgy Bitch.

UPDATE 15 June 2014 17:15:  This really has me steamed. Sure, some people have crummy fathers.  Some fathers have crummy, spoiled, self-indulgent kids.  Some great fathers have great kids.  And yet Postsecret ran 100% bad dad on Father's Day.  That's as clear a reflection on the degraded state of society as you can make.

In the meantime, here's a great father, with #2 Son Back In The Day.

I sure miss you, Dad.


burt said...

Once again: Bravo, BP.

drjim said...

Stunningly good, BP.

And Happy Father's day to you.

TinCan Assassin said...

Don't need to tell me twice.

I think I'll avoid the links just the same.

Outdoors Voice and all...

Jay G said...

Not *all* of them were bad.

Just most.

And brother, you've done a helluva job in the father department your own self.

-Someone who's seen it.

Goober said...

One wonders what the reaction would be if a site had the temerity to post similar negative things about mothers on mother's day.

I'm guessing not nearly so accepting.

I am tired of shitty fathers giving the rest of us bad names, and the feminist movement using a few bad apples to paint us all with a broad brush.

Chris said...

I was sitting on our screened-in porch yesterday, just talking with my wife, and my daughter and her boyfriend pull up. They live about 2.5 hours away when there is no traffic (yesterday it took 3.5 hours). It was a total surprise. They had brought some freshly-caught shrimp that they steamed with red potatoes and corn, and I grilled some caught-last-week tuna and some mushrooms. We had a great afternoon.

To be fair, they also brought about 4 loads of laundry, but so what? We watched movies and talked about (mostly) inconsequential stuff. (Which is hard for me; I am way too wonky and serious, so this was good therapy for me.)

I cannot remember a more enjoyable Fathers Day for me.