Sunday, June 8, 2014

Hans Leo Hassler - Various Organ Works on the Huss-Schnitger Organ

This is very early music, played on a very old organ.  Hans Leo Hassler was active in the 1500s - around the time of the Spanish Armada and Shakespeare - writing and performing church music ask the Nuremberg Kapellmeister.  Trained in the Italy of the Renaissance, the music he brought back across the Alps was some of the earliest Baroque ever written.

The Huss-Schnitger Organ is nearly as old, dating to 1675.  This is likely very close to what the music would have sounded to Herr Hassler.


libertyman said...

I am laughing as I hear this mighty organ on my tiny iPhone speaker! Hardly the same as a live performance. Listened to one at Chartres and man, that will give anyone religion.
Sitting on my porch in the glorious afternoon here in Maine.

NotClauswitz said...

And he probably spoke with an Austrian accent...