Friday, September 20, 2013

Why Hollywood is in trouble

Their big budget formulaic rehashes can't compete with video games.  Even formulaic rehashes are beating them like a rented mule:
GTA 5 sold more than $800 million worth of copies in its first day on store shelves. Those are the highest first-day retail figures in Take-Two history, the publisher announced today, and that doesn't even count digital sales on PSN and Xbox Live.
That's more than Star Wars has grossed.  Remember, Star Wars took 36 years to get not quite that much revenue.  Grand Theft Auto 5 did it in a day.  And GTA5 isn't even for sale everywhere yet (Japan and Brazil, to name two).  And it's the fifth game in the series - not exactly the freshest of offers.


Dave H said...

The fact that GTAV is the fifth game in the series only helps. People are more likely to drop $60 on a game that's a continuation of a popular franchise, from a developer who has proven they can deliver the goods, than on a brand new one.

It's the same reason 1911s are still being made.

deadcenter said...

The Avengers did 1.5 billion world wide. I don't think Hollywood is frightened.