Saturday, September 21, 2013

If you have mice in your data center

This should keep them out of the cable tray.

Seems legit.  Sadly, our data center at work is infested with mice.  Big ones, too:


Dave H said...

Heh. You should see the rodent problems they have in power plants. I talked to one engineer who supervised a project to install a network comms system in a large substation - ethernet, fiber, a bunch of new RTUs and all the cabling to go with them. They worked 20 hours days installing it, then broke for a weekend before they started testing. When they came back on Monday they discovered mice ahd eaten all the yellow wires. Just the yellow ones.

UK Houston said...

You mean it's not just a notice from the hardcore Unix weenies? Kinda like the warning notes you put on your bedroom door when you are 11.

Archer said...

Ooooh, and those like like those "high-productivity, assault peripherals."

I bet the optics on those things are downright scary, and .... is that some kind of "shroud" to keep it from overheating?