Saturday, September 21, 2013

Seen at the office

Goodness, that's one elusive creature.

Roswell is infested with deer. If you're good with a bow, you can hunt in the city limits. Heck, looks like you can tag out before your Monday morning staff meeting.


Dave H said...

There's no way they'd let me bring a bow to work on the day of a staff meeting.

Old NFO said...

Crossbow, one each, and an open window... :-)

lotta joy said...

Sad to admit to, but I'd be the woman yelling "run deer!"

I know they have to be thinned out. I know they have to be killed. But the part that insights me into a riot is everyone thinks they are great shots just because they hit the target...somewhere.

Of the many people taking aim, there are too many who can't place a shot correctly.

A clean kill is not asking too much.

Borepatch said...

Dave H, LOL. Don't try to explain the concept of a "Truck Gun" to them ...

Old NFO, I need to get me one of them. They're pretty cheap, and my deck gives me an angle like a lot of folks get from a deer stand.

Lotta Joy, agreed on know your target (and what's behind it). If you're going to hunt, then a clean kill is your duty.