Monday, September 16, 2013

How badly have the Gun Control advocates lost?

Even DailyKos is telling them to STFU with new gun control proposals:
Right to Keep and Bear Arms is a DKos group of second amendment supporters who have progressive and liberal values. We don't think that being a liberal means one has to be anti-gun. Some of us are extreme in our second amendment views (no licensing, no restrictions on small arms) and some of us are more moderate (licensing, restrictions on small arms.) Moderate or extreme or somewhere in between, we hold one common belief: more gun control equals lost elections.  We don't want a repeat of 1994.
Note to gun banning moonbats: when the Kos Kids are the voice of reason on your side, you've well and truly jumped the shark.


ProudHillbilly said...

And, really, you have to view the current secession movements as part of the opposition to gun control as well.

Rev. Paul said...

Interesting development, even if the Progressives in power won't listen. History shows that they NEVER listen to anyone else.

Scott_S said...

You post this and then we have some whack job in DC shoot people. It's almost as if it was on queue but that's reading too much into it. "REMEMBER THE MAINE!" etc.