Monday, September 16, 2013

Dirty commies under every bed in America

The post title is misleading, because it's maybe dirty commies in every bed in America*.  I posted once on how the entire political class are dirty commies, based on a very thought provoking essay at Unqualified Reservations.  Mencious is back, with a very accessible essay amplifying that.  America is nothing but dirty commies, all the way down.
The first and most important antibody converts the RP [Red Pill - ed.] into the perfect strawman:

America is a Communist country.
Note the capital C.  Generally, the majuscule proper noun implies not the general idea of communism, but the specific entity that was the CPSU - and its various satellite organs, such as the CPUSA.  Hence, today, we read:
America is secretly ruled from a secret Faraday cage under the White House by KGB Colonel-General Boris Borisov, who sometimes emerges in blackface to appear as "Barack Obama."
For example, Nazi Germany was a fascist country.  But Nazi Germany wasn't a Fascist country.  Nazi Germany was a fascist country because Hitler's political system was generally similar to Mussolini's.  But Nazi Germany wasn't a Fascist country - because Hitler wasn't a secret agent secretly working for Mussolini.  Get it?  Come on, of course you get it.

With the small 'f', our sign signifies a political system, ideology or movement, by its objective characteristics.  With the big 'F',  it signifies a political party, organization or regime, by its nominal identity.  You might find it hard to generalize this distinction to an earlier letter in the alphabet, if you are stupid, or haven't taken any semiotics classes.  Otherwise, it ought to be easy to see that though every Communist is a communist (adherent of the political system, ideology or movement), not every communist is a Communist (card-carrying disciple of MOSCOW!!!).  I mean, duh.
But communist nonetheless.  Mencious does not state the expression "from each according to their means to each according to their needs" and compare with, say, the progressive Income Tax and Obamaphones, but the parallels are legion.
What, for example, is a "progressive?"  If the anti-communist liberal (as opposed to the anti-Communist, ie anti-Soviet, liberal - a very real phenomenon) was a real phenomenon, and viewed communists the same way he viewed Nazis, for their remarkably similar human rights offenses, we'd expect him to avoid communist political terminology.  For much the same reason that, as cool as that glyph looks, you'll never ever see a swastika in an Apple ad.

Whereas actually, codewords like "progressive," "social justice," "change," etc, are shared across the Popular Front community for the entire 20th century.  They are just as likely to be used by a Cheka cheerleader from the '20s, as a Clinton voter from the '90s.
This is typically long, but unusually for Mencious the logical flow of the essay is A -> B -> C with a minimum of the one-off terminology that is the typical fare at Unqualified Reservations.  It's a long read, but as clear an exposition of America as the ur-communist state as I've seen anywhere.  You should probably read my old post as an introduction, but this is very important intellectual fodder for anyone remotely still in the camp of "we'll vote ourselves out of this".  Or in the "we'll shoot our way out of this".

The sweep of history is inexorable.  Empires come and go, leaving nothing but footprints in the sands of time.  So with us, and our e pluribus unum Republic.  But in the midst of what seems nothing but pessimism is this shining nugget of optimism, showing a way for use h8trz:
As for the mob's victims, who already understand this stuff - there's an easy way to not get purged.  Don't play the fool.  What is attacking you, though it seems like a frivolous phenomenon, is anything but.   This is an active volcano which has claimed hundreds of millions of lives.  Just firing you is a small, small thing for it.  Just destroying your life - very easy.  Don't mess with it.  If you can avoid a fight with it, do.

And if you can't, don't be defensive.  Attack.  If possible, attack in depth and preemptively.  (What do you think I'm doing here?)  One of the things that this evil machine is capable of, for example, is covering up hatefacts - realities that embarrass it or contradict its narrative.  Your goal in attacking it is to embarrass and contradict it, creating a counter-narrative that it cannot incorporate into its own entertainment product.  If you succeed, you will be covered up as well - which is exactly what you want.  So the purpose of your attack is not to draw attention, but to avoid attention.
This is very, very important stuff.  RTWT, and think on it, and RTWT again.

* Except yours, of course.  You're no Dirty Commie, although Mencious may say that you're a Dirty commie.  Me, I think I used to be a Dirty commie (but not a Dirty Commie); now I'm an Enemy Of The State.  I'd better start working on embarrassing the State so that they cover up what I'm doing ...


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Good post and very thought provoking... thanks

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