Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Mocking the Lightbringer - TheOnesDay® No. 23

It's Wednesday, time to mock the Left's Plasticine Jesus.  This pretty well sums it up after the last week:

Remember Alinsky's rules, folks.  Mockery is a powerful weapon to undermine the egos of the too self-satisfied.  And make them live up to their own ideals - I plan on showing this to lefties who were all about "Smart Diplomacy" 5 years ago.

And if I were evil, for added snark I might ask whether the placement of Obama's hand relates to the "Reset" (actually mistranslated as "Overload") button.  But that would be really evil.  I'd be ashamed of myself if I ever did anything like that.


Bob said...

It's called a reach-around, son:

Eagle said...

I'm surprised Putin doesn't have the words from a biker-a$$hole t-shirt tattooed on his back: "If you can read this, my b*tch fell off!"