Tuesday, September 24, 2013

French "youths" occupying the HQ of the French Socialist Party?

Un petit peu de leurs action directe, n'est-ce pas?

Funny, I must have missed this last July.  No doubt it was all over the Media. Strangely, I had to find coverage on CBN (pretty good coverage, if you ask me).

Génération Identitaire is the reaction of young French citizens to a steady diet of PC conneries.  They are explicitly nationalist, aiming to preserve French culture against what's going on throughout the EU today.  As you can see from the first video, they're (*ahem*) quite energetic. Quite:

Source: Génération Identitaire
They're also pretty good at new media.  The Powers That Be will struggle to block that signal.

Tam once said that Europe has shown that it can go from zero to jackboots in five years.  I don't expect that Génération Identitaire is fascist, although no doubt many in France would like to paint them as such.  There's no doubt, though, that action begets reaction.  How strange that so many on the Left, now that they have taken power, seemingly have forgotten Marx' dialectic.  But as Trotsky might have put it: it doesn't matter whether you are interested in the Dialectic; the Dialectic is interested in you.

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TOTWTYTR said...

I think Tam is right. The French will be tolerant of the unassimilated "yout" up to a point. At which point the politicians will bend to the will of the populace and there will be some unpleasantness.

Germany and other European countries will follow.

I think there are some rumblings in Scandinavia too.