Sunday, March 10, 2013

ZOMG! Sarah Palin is so dumb!

Behold ye, the Philosopher Kings of the Left.


The Lab Manager said...

Yeah, Sarah is ignorant in some ways, but now where near the leftist feminist cunts.

Besides, what red blooded American man would not want to hear 'drill baby drill' from her as well?

Old NFO said...

O.M.G... I have trouble believing this isn't fake, but I know it's not... sigh

greg said...

How did I not know this? I pity the next fool that has more than 12 items in the express line at Safeway. Gonna be a lot less 'dum' people in my neck of the woods.

RabidAlien said...

I'm with OldNFO on this one. That's gotta be fake...even the libs aren't stupid enough to think that its legal to hunt humans! Aren't they? :facepalm:

I like how she admits a bit later that its actually MADMEN and CRIMINALS who do all the mass shootings. But then still blames standard-capacity mags.

Jay G said...

I have to disagree with my blogson here.

This isn't stupidity.

This is evil.

She knows DAMN WELL it's not "legal to hunt humans".

She's muddying the water. Intentionally.