Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The sexist origins of gun control

Fascinating. Up until now, I had thought of the Second Amendment civil-rights fight as a part of the enduring struggle for liberty against the powers of tyranny.  This article presents a different perspective: that gun control is merely another facet of social control of more masculine men by women, white knights, and effete men.
Note that the whole chicks with guns thing is quite beside the point if this is true.  Err, other than they suffer from false class consciousness.  Or something.  But RTWT, which is pretty interesting.


Glen Filthie said...

The high profile antigunners may indeed be a motely collection of flits and hairy chested gender bending feminists...but there are growing numbers of both those groups that aren't drinking the team koolaid.

I would say that it is more accurate to say gun control is embraced by stupid people - which would explain the high pevelance of feminists and gays among their ranks.

Aretae said...

Gun Control was pretty clearly a race issue to start with wasn't it?