Thursday, March 28, 2013

Prince William of Beta?

I LOLed. [warning: strong, and possibly NSFW language, especially if you have One Of Those HR departments]:
So yeah, everybody is chatting away about this and that and ruggers and then, quick as a flash, the Cyprus thing comes up on the news. First I've heard of it. So I put my whiskey down. I edge towards the box and listen in to get the jist of what is going on. Turns out there is a [redacted] "tax" on deposits. I'm shocked, clearly. Clearly, these German [redacted]  aint all sunshine and gravy en aw. So, amidst the fact that the EU did something more reminiscent of Soviet [redacted] Russia just there, the fact that Putin and friends are bleedin fuming away because Cyprus is a dirty moolah Russian oligarch sex party, and the simple, brutal point that if this is happening in Cyprus, it can happen here, I look around and try to get a reaction. Not a damn thing. Barely a whimper. Like I be saying, langers, just langers like. Lads and laddies get back to it thereafter, and suddenly I'm pounding back shots like no one's business.

Later on, they have a feature on your one, eh, whats her name? The good looking lassie who is hitting the wall and married to Prince William of Beta? Yeah, well she got her heel stuck in an iron grate in this St Patrick's Day presentation thing, and there was this big curfuffle and it was all amusing and [redacted]. Every fiend in the pub got a good laugh out of it and the coldness set in. You fucking [redacted]. You blatantly ignore, the fact that a dubious organization went into another [redacted] COUNTRY'S SET OF BANKS, and skimmed the cream off of the top. Then some lassie gets her stiletto caught up and it is epic lozzlzlzlzlzlzlzlzlols for the whole family. Seeya later ye daft [redacted]! All you sniveling lefties are more concerned with a bunch of lassies winning the grand slam. Bread and circuses? Corn and porn ken, corn and porn.
Quote of the Day, right there. Yeah, it' the second one of the day.  That's how good it is. And there's more - so very much more.  Europe is toast.  Don't believe me?  Read on, and think on how still waters run deep:
My grandfather broke his [redacted] back burying dead bodies, in the hope his family, his lassie, his kids, would be worth something. And what the [redacted]  do we have now? This degenerate culture where everything is a [redacted]  shamrock atop of a house of cards.
Remember, Ireland is a great victory of the Euro preservation project.  Iceland is not anything of interest to you, Prole.  Trust your betters.  Think on the Prince of Beta.  Ignore Cyprus.

We have always been at war with Eastasia ...

UPDATE 29 March 2013 08:23: Link added.  Thanks, Erich.


Six said...

Ok, I'm in full Luddite mode here. I can't find the post/story link. Sorry, I really shouldn't be allowed to use anything more complicated than a calculator. Maybe an abacus and a slide rule.

Erich said...

The blog is called "The Soul is Not a Smithy":

That Guy said...

Holy shite... that was some brutal posting over there. Makes me proud of my drunken Irish heritage.