Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Cream - Stormy Monday

But tuesday's just as bad.  And Wednesday's even worse.

I don't know that Eric Clapton is the greatest guitarist of all time, but I don't know that he's not.


Rev. Paul said...

I've always thought his chops were the best, most melodic & in keeping with the actual melody of the song. There are some guys who are faster, but their licks are frequently unrelated to the song that's being played.

Slowhand rules!

Walter Zoomie said...

Slowhand may or may not be the best that ever was, but he's certainly in the Top 5 in my humble opinion.

doubletrouble said...

One of the VERY best bands of the day, IMO.
Still got "Disraeli Gears".

Dan said...

Here comes Joe Bonamassa...fast behind.