Sunday, March 10, 2013

That's quite a scientific experiment

The first 5 minutes of this talk are only the speaker explaining how he used to be very, very wrong.  He's since changed his mind, reversing entirely his views on how to slow climate change, based not on computer models but on experiments repeated on millions of acres of former desert, all returned to grassland.  His message: we can reduce the level of atmospheric carbon, restore grasslands formerly lost to the desert, and feed millions of poor people.

We just need to think differently.  We need to think scientifically.

This is very, very inspiring in a results matter sort of way.  I'm happy to consider myself to be this sort of environmentalist.


Unknown said...

Good stuff. Another approach with great results is Permaculture. Check out Geoff Lawton's "Greening the desert" project.

Bob said...

That was really intersting, Ted, and goes against everything I've learned. Thanks for linking it.

Jester said...

Thank you Borepatch.

This needs to be distributed as far as we can make it be so.

Unknown said...

Wow. That was almost 180° out from all my assumptions. Amazing--as in the most intelligent commentary on climate and the environment that I've heard in years, with a refreshing lack of partisan axe-grinding.

More than once I've considered making t-shirts that say Terraform EARTH FIRST!. Apparently the idea isn't pure sarcasm.

The Lab Manager said...

Well, that is certainly good news for us meat eaters!

As a South Texan, this very interesting.