Thursday, March 21, 2013

Macguffins - it's what's for breakfast

The Czar of Muscovy describes how I like to remove macguffins from Global Warming stories.  He gives me rather more credit than I deserve - there's nothing at all altruistic involved here, and I guess I need to confess.

I save them and have them for breakfast.  I love 'em.

Sure, sure - they're fattening and bad for my cholesterol.  That's why I only post on Global Warming every so often - the Doc says that I really need to cut back.

It probably wouldn't be so bad, except I like them best if you melt a little butter and whisk in a touch of snark, then drizzle it over the warm macguffins.  Man, that's some tasty snark for breakfast!

And so while I love it that y'all like my Global Warming posts, I'm really doing it for me.


Stephen said...

My friend, you just made my day.

Goober said...

The fear mongering and arguing past one another must stop. Borepatches health depends on it. Think of his cholesterol!