Saturday, March 16, 2013

Tab clearing

There's a new peer-reviewed paper out "confirming" Mann's "Hockey Stick" global warming paper.  It shows that things are hotter than they've been in 10,000 years.  The Press has been all over this, as you'd imagine.  You might have heard if it.  Well, Steve McIntyre heard about it, too.  McIntyre, you might remember, if the guy who took down Mann's junk "Hockey Stick" paper.  It seems that it's still true that it's a bad day if you're a climate scientist and Steve starts looking at your work.  Pwned.

Phoenix cop lies, gets innocent woman sent to death row for the death of her 4 year old toddler.  Overturned on appeal after 22 years because cop is a serial perjurer and that information was suppressed at her trial.  The State of Arizona is appealing to the Supreme Court.  Rope.

That National Vulnerability Database that was taken down because it was infested with malware?  Seems it's been infected for months.  Uf da.

GDP is closely correlated with energy consumption, so proposals to eliminate inexpensive power generation like coal screw the developing world.  Environmentalists hate the poor?  Well knock me over with a feather.

What will really pop the higher education bubble?  The bad outcomes are disproportionately effecting women:
Do these realities register? Not really, and explaining them to the future feminist “superstar” in question won’t help much. They’re certain that they are all special snowflakes, and that is the end of the conversation. Men suffer from irrational ambition as well but, as evidenced by our inferior rates of degree attainment these days, we aren’t being suckered into the academic ruse quite as readily as women are.

There are millions of broke dudes running around confident that they can all become big time producers, rappers, athletes, musicians or businessmen, even if there is little objective reason to believe so. The difference is that not quite as many of them are tying a college education (and the large amounts of debt that come with it) to these ambitions. Their female counterparts, who are all dying to be big time designers, fashionistas, writers, courtroom superstars (like the ones they see on Law and Order) and the like, are carrying much larger debt loads to service their ambition.
Higher education screws its students; women and minorities hurt the most.  I must be a sexist, oppressive tool of the Patriarchy.  Or something.

Was there a coup attempt in North Korea?

Watch global cyber attacks in real time.  Cool.  Not sure how accurate it is, but it's pretty dang cool.

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Sherm said...

To be fair, environmentalists hate the living not just the poor. The poor are just less able to push back.