Thursday, March 21, 2013

Hacked by Pinkie Pie

I'm not making this up.  There's a hacker (quite good skillz, actually) who goes by the handle Pinkie Pie.  He won Google's Pwnium Challenge last year, so don't be hatin' on the bronies.  He's back in the news, with another success:
Google was offering $110,000 for pwnership (remote code execution with minimal user interaction), and $150,000 for persistent pwnership (also known as "a malware infection that survives between logins or reboots", or an APT).

However, Google just announced that it would dip into the $π,000,000 dollar prize fund to pay Mr Pie a a $40,000 consolation prize.

Well done to Mr. Pie, and well done to Google for reaching out to the White Hat community and rewarding them with prizes to make their products more secure.  And for showing that My Little Pwnie is a security model that can work.

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Peter said...

My Little Pwnie?

Someday you'll pay for that one . . .