Thursday, March 28, 2013

Quote of the Day: Learning

Man, I hope that some day someone says something this good about me:
I can’t remember if I met Massad Ayoob before or after I took my first class from Jim Cirillo. Like Marty, Mas modeled an obsessive concern with safety on his range, and the work ethic he brought to his classes struck me hard. Here was a man who called his class to order at 9 am, expected them to listen to lectures during lunch, sometimes didn’t let them off the range before 6 or 7 pm – and still expected them to study in the evening. A new student, I found the schedule grueling, and said so. He smiled at me with some concern, and said, “People work so hard to get to these classes and they should have full value for it. I want to be sure everyone gets more than they expected.”
That right there makes me want to take his class.


Peter said...

I've taken three of his courses - LFI-1, -2 and -3 when he was still running Lethal Force Institute - and never regretted one cent of what they cost me. Great training.

Anonymous said...

LFI-3 here as well - can't recommend him enough. If nothing else take his classroom offering - you can learn to shoot almost anywhere, but I've yet to find someone teach how to deal with all the legalities like Mas does.