Saturday, March 2, 2013

Yay, me

The convertible is 12 years old, and so niggly (and not so niggly) things go wrong with it.  The latest was the front grille, which fell off.  This looked to be a $400 repair at the dealer.  That made me sad.

Instead, I turned to Mr. Gore's most excellent Information Superhighway.  eBay had a salvage company selling old Volvo grilles (likely from wrecked cars).  $50 plus shipping.  There was a different company that had Volvo grille clips for $15 for a bag of 'em.

They showed up this week, and I put them on today.  For less than $100, I no longer look like I'm driving a car that lost a fist fight.

Plus I put down 20 wheel barrow loads on mulch in the yard.  Go team me.


orbitup said...

I used this site when I had a body shop and I still use it. If nothing else it helps you find what salvage parts are going for.

kx59 said...

Also another good source for autoparts:
Look at you. Getting all greasy and stuff :-)