Sunday, March 3, 2013

How to demolish a house with military surplus

It's from Top Gear.  You know that you want to watch it.

And is this not the greatest used vehicle advert of all time?
Early model with 1940`s [T34/85] hull and what appears to be a later turret.

Runs , drives (link available to view ) turret traverses and gun elevates. Needs repair to one wing (see photo ) and painting.

Available for viewing in East London.

£45,000 ovno no vat.

 There seem to be rather a lot of Sherman Tanks for sale, if you look.  Expect to pay $300,000 or more.


WoFat said...

I don't want one. I've got a buddy - former Armor, former Delta - who said replacing tracks is a BITCH.

Murphy's Law said...

T-34s are great when they work, but they are notorious transmission-shredders and spares are very hard to come by as the Com-bloc countries did not amass large spare-parts stashes like we did. They ordered spares as needed from the factories and when the factories shut down, that was it. You can get Sherman tank transmissions, engines, track, etc. today New Old Stock, but T-34 spares only come from cannibalizing other T-34s.

Divemedic said...

Big deal. It isn't like Top Gear is the first to do it. I watched a show filmed by the ATF back in 1993, where they demolished a house with surplus armor.

Joel said...

Divemedic beat me to it.