Sunday, November 11, 2012

Tired puppy

Dahlonega, GA is about as cute as small towns come.  It's about an hour north of Atlanta, up state route 400, and the Missus and I went out there with Wolfgang today.  This is the view from our table at The Back Porch Oyster Bar, looking out over the Court House square.  Highly, highly recommended.  Good selection of beer and excellent sea food.  It surprised me, seeing that Dahlonega is an old gold mining town, meaning it's up in the foothills of the Appalachians (i.e. 300 miles from salt water).  The manager explained that they get their seafood fresh on ice 24 hours after it is unloaded from the boat.  Even Sockeye salmon goes by air from Washington state to Atlanta, and then an hour up GA 400 to his restaurant.  The Missus thought that the mussels (from Prince Edward Island) were some of the best she'd had.  She gave one to Wolfgang who thought it was the best he'd ever had, too.*

BTW, they're dog-friendly, at least on the front porch.  And people-friendly, too. 

We got him a small dish of vanilla ice cream.  He licked it and licked it and eventually broke most of it free from the bowl to wolf it down.  He'd attracted quite an audience (who doesn't love a German Shepherd puppy?) and people chuckled at the sight of a puppy with a brain freeze.

The square is filled with thriving shops, ranging from rural antiques to stylish shops to hippie hangouts. There's a scattering of parks where Wolfgang fetched sticks.  One of the more fun Sunday afternoon explorations we've done in quite some time.  If you're ever nearby, it's worth your while.

* It was the first he had, but still.


RabidAlien said...

Heck, I wasn't even there, and I'm still laughing at the image of a German Shepherd puppy with brain-freeze!

agraves said...

Borepatch, I was there a while back and had a great time. Another fun spot is Highlands, N.C. Nice shops, ice cream, great weather. The whole west N.C., North Georgia area is my favorite. Alex

Old NFO said...

Oh yeah... puppy brain freeze! :-) Chuckle...