Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Home again

We're back from the beach, and Wolfgang was pretty excited to see us.  The boys took him for walks, but it seems from his greeting that it wasn't at all the same thing.

Dang, he's bigger than he was when we left.  How can he be going through another growth spurt?  I expect he's 70 lbs, and not yet 7 months old.  Oof.

It's better to be back home than I'd thought.  The beach was pretty sweet, and not having to amuse the kids (or the dogs) made it doubly sweet. 

But the comforts of home are comforting, and I must confess that it's nice to have a puppy asleep at my feet. Even if he is the size of a house.


Bob said...

Beautiful photo, Ted. I love vacationing at the beach in November and December, with the crowds all gone and room to be alone with my thoughts.

Borepatch said...

Bob, this is why I describe Myrtle Beach as a guilty pleasure. It's filled to overflowing with touristy/tacky, but has this too.