Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The improving civil liberty situation in Arlington, MA

The last time we encountered Arlington, they were in full frontal assault on both the First and the Second Amendments.  Post on teh Intarwebz, lose your guns.  Fortunately, things are considerably improved since then.

How so, I hear you ask.  It seems that the Arlington PD doesn't really have a big problem with drunk and disorderly, threatening a Police Officer, and resisting arrest.  The perp even can keep his guns, no hard feelings.  I mean, boys will be boys, right?  Theres just one teensy weensy catch; see if you can spot it:
An Arlington Police officer is facing an internal investigation here after he allegedly interfered with police and verbally threatened an officer while vacationing in Key West, Fla., last week.

Michael H. Wesley, 43, a police officer in Arlington for more than eight years, was placed in handcuffs but avoided being arrested for the incident on Oct. 30 in which Key West police said he appeared intoxicated, verbally threatened a female police officer and resisted being taken into custody.

After learning of the officer’s alleged behavior, Arlington Police Chief Fred Ryan said he has offered an apology to Key West Police and assigned an internal investigation into Wesley’s conduct.
Boys will be boys.  More specifically, Boys in Blue will be Boys in Blue.  See?  No problem with civil liberties or out of control public officials in Arlington, MA!

In other public safety news, a Piedmont OK policeman gave a $2,500 ticket to sumdood for public urination.  Sumdood's age?  Three years old.  Peeing in his own yard.  Clearly the Piedmont OK police department should take away the family's firearms.  For teh childrenz™, of course.


ProudHillbilly said...

Well that just makes a body feel so much better...

ScottH said...

I didn't think the Outgo Tax would be enforced so fast: (NSFW - language)http://www.funnyordie.com/videos/6bcba43310/president-camacho-outgo-tax