Monday, November 12, 2012

They're the Only Ones

Well, the only ones qualified to rough up a woman so badly that her breast implant burst:
A North Texas woman who says a Pantego police officer caused her breast implant to rupture during an arrest is suing the department.

Rebecca Van Hooser of Arlington, Texas,  said the officer threw her against her car on Oct. 28, 2011, when he arrested her during a traffic stop.


[Van Hooser's attorney] Hutchison said throwing Van Hooser against the car caused her breast implant to burst.

"She's screaming in pain, and his response is, 'This isn't supposed to be comfortable,'" Hutchison said.
Now I guess that this is the point to say that the unnamed Officer is innocent until proven guilty, yadda yadda yadda.  I'd have much more sympathy for the Pantego Police Department if we didn't see all sorts of unpunished abuse by the Only Ones.


Chad said...

The sad thing is, I understand cops have a really tough, risky job. However, it's incidents like this(yeah, yeah, innocent until guilty, etc, lather, rinse, repeat), with the following closing of the thin blue line, that make me stay as far away as possible from cops, on or off duty.

Cormac said...


The only complaint I generally hear about Pantego PD is that they'll pull you over for EVERYTHING (too many cops in a tiny set inside a city).

Doesn't really surprise me though. Arlington cops have gotten pretty awful, too (though I'm amazed at the gun-kata/ninja skills of a 300+ lb. officer Rodriguez who was able to shoot an "attacking" pit bull in the back of the jaw without getting bit).

Anonymous said...

I like libertarians for the most part but won't put up with their dishonesty when it comes to drugs or law enforcement.

Anonymous said...

Your first sentence reads " badly that her bread implant burst"

SiGraybeard @ work

Borepatch said...

JM, I'm not really sure that I get your point.

SiGraybeard, thanks. Fixed.

Old NFO said...

Yep, that whole power trip thing... sigh

Anonymous said...

BP I get egged for this by libertarians but I stick to my guns.

I know that police work can take a nice guy and turn him into a hate filled border-line nutcase. We take these men and women, confront them with the worst human animals our society can produce (and their victims)and then we wonder why they flip out or over-react.

Libertarians as a group tend not to see that when they consider law enforcement officers - it is easier to see them as jack booted thugs. I call BS.

As a gun owner I get all kinds of crap thrown at me because of the doings of dummies and nutbars with guns. Ragging on all law enforcement officers because of the doings of a few is similiarly unfair.

Just my two bits, your mileage may vary.


Borepatch said...

JM, I work pretty hard not to rag on Police Officers. The ones who go off, yes - but the rest of the Officers know who they are.

The problem is the same as the teachers - everyone knows there are some bad teachers, and everyone knows who they are. The Union prevents anyone from getting rid of them.

Anonymous said...

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