Friday, November 23, 2012

ATM scam

There's an ATM fraud scam that might affect you:
Security experts with the European ATM Security Team (EAST) say five countries in the region this year have reported card trapping incidents. Such attacks involve devices that fit over the card acceptance slot and include a razor-edged spring trap that prevents the customer’s card from being ejected from the ATM when the transaction is completed.

These devices were made to capture the ATM user’s card after the user withdrawals cash. Credit: EAST.
The typical fraud first occurs around 10 minutes after the card is captured, so if an ATM machine doesn't give you your card back, you should immediately call your bank's fraud hotline.  It's a good idea to have your bank's (and credit card issuers') hotline phone numbers in your cell phone's address book.  Do not have your card numbers stored on your phone - if you lose the phone, those numbers are valuable to a thief.

However, being able to speed dial your bank saying that ATM location such-and-such ate your card will let them disable it instantly.


Old NFO said...

Those are also occurring stateside...

Chris Byrne said...

And lets not forget the other thing, the cash trapping.

The card trap is definitely the bigger worry (the threat of emptying your bank account) but everyone needs to COUNT THE CASH they get from the ATM and immediately call in a problem if their total doesn't match.