Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Tab clearing

Via Madd Medic, I find someone who I would never hire:

Lindsey Stone was at Arlington National Cemetery last month, having some fun at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, so she decided to post the picture shown above. She seemed a bit surprised that anyone could take offense at her stunning display of disrespect…

The internet being what it is has led to a deluge of comments on her employer’s Facebook page. Apparently they are going to apologize. Lindsey has just scrubbed her Facebook page.
Too late.  Google sees all, forgets nothing.  Many thanks to the young lady for giving potential employers everywhere a wave off.

Via Midwest Chick, we see that notoriety applies to the public sector as well:
— A police officer who wrote a $2,500 ticket to a mother on a public urination complaint against her 3-year-old son has been fired, City Manager Jim Crosby said Tuesday.


“Of course we did receive a lot of notoriety over that,” he said.
Gee, ya think?

Via Isegoria, Our Totalitarian Democracy:
if we define the term rigorously, even a non-violent democracy can be totalitarian. The term should properly apply to any political system that a) concentrates all power within a small elite, b) removes all checks and balances on this power, c) leaves people no viable choice, d) relies on populist brainwashing to change people’s views and personalities, f) reliably elevates to government those unfit to govern.
Each one of these telltale signs is amply observable in today’s Britain and most other so-called democratic states. They all show the dangers resident in a democracy whose power is unchecked by other estates.
I'd use the term "fascist", myself - in Mussolini's definition of "everything within the State, nothing outside the State".  Other than that, this is spot on.

And while I am in favor of capital punishment in theory, I am against it in practice because of things like this:
Plea deal springs Arizona man, Bill Macumber, jailed 37 years in double murder amid concerns his wife framed him during a bitter divorce
All systems can be gamed, and the legal system is no exception.


knottedprop said...

Her actions fall under free speech and as much as you or I do not like them should be protected.
Also two points the dead tend not to hear very well they also do not care about anything respect or otherwise. Those are bodies in the ground their souls are elsewhere if souls exist.
I think you have a worse problem in the Muppet in chief and his hatred of all things American and his hatred especially of the military whereby the rules of engagement are designed to get American soldiers killed and to minimize Taliban casualties.
So you wish to hound this rather foolish young woman into unemployment where your taxes will pay for her upkeep yet 51% of you voted to keep the Muppet in high office quite likely for life.
Focus your real anger where it truly deserves to be focused.
Who really hates and despises your military.
As for the UK the system was broken when they reformed the unelected upper chamber the House of Lords effectively removing one of the major blocks to bad laws getting passed. However fortunately power does not reside in the Prime Minister but the Monarch and they still can dismiss a government at her will. Mussolini found this out in 1943 when the Italian king dismissed his government and had him arrested. Hitler was free to assume all power because there was no longer any German Kaiser. Constitutional monarchy's work for some countries.

Borepatch said...

Knotted Prop, I don't want her to be destitute. I also don't want her working for *me* as I think that she shows terribly poor judgement and is likely a problem employee.

Dirk said...

Tam (or someone - not entirely sure who) had a quote up a long time ago about capital punishment... I can't remember the exact words, but it was something to the effect of being in favor of capital punishment, if it was applied right on the spot. I thought I had it bookmarked, but I seem to have lost it. Wish I could find it.