Saturday, November 3, 2012

Thank you, generous Government Bureaucrats

Because of your beneficence, I will luxuriate in an extra hour sleep tonight, as we adjust our clocks off of daylight savings time.  Just think of the extra rest!

Sure, I lost that same hour's sleep last spring when we went on to daylight savings time.  Sure, it costs the world billions of dollars as people have to manually adjust clocks twice a year.  Sure, it will be a pain in the tail end adjusting all the clocks in the house and in the cars.

But that gift of an extra hour's sleep makes the buildings filled with tireless government busy bees worth the trifle of extra tax money taken.  Money well spent, I might add, because otherwise how would I get my annual gift of a "free" extra hour's sleep?

It makes me feel just like when my Income Tax refund shows up.  Thanks, Government Bureaucrat Man!*  A Grateful Republic thanks you.

* Or woman.  Don't want to get the government gender equality bureaucrats spun up here.  Of course, their job is extra double crazy important, and another excellent use of my fair and just tax rate.  But they no doubt are sadly over worked, and probably could use the extra hour's rest themselves!


Swamp Dog said...

I don't care which time they use, I just wish they would pick one and stop changing!

Sabra said...

It's 2012; nearly all our clocks adjust themselves. ;) I must confess to making it a game to see how long it takes places to adjust their clocks when I'm out & about.

AuricTech said...

Fortunately, we don't mess with Father Time here in Arizona.... ;-)

knottedprop said...

Then blame this man George Vernon Hudson.