Sunday, November 4, 2012

21 accents in 2 minutes

The southern accent was a little off, but all in all this was a pretty virtuoso performance.

It seems that Miss Walker has nearly ten million views on Youtube.  This video of hers suggests that she can do a better southern accent - certainly much better than I.  She has a number of what seem pretty interesting videos posted there.

And this is a short but sweet excerpt from Robin McNeil's "The Story Of English" describing the major American accents:

Even though I grew up in Maine, my parents were from the midwest, and so I sound very strongly Midland.  And this young man is pretty talented, offering 24 different English dialects.  The dialog is NSFW, but I love the space alien reference in the Welsh accent.  Very UK inside baseball.  Or cricket.  Or something.


Alan said...

The Texas one is wrong too. That's Hollywood Texas, not real Texas.

Dave H said...

The Dublin, Belfast, and Scottish accents are pretty good. The Toronto one is close but just a little slurred. The Texas one sounds like Reba McEntire, who I believe is from Oklahoma.

I grew up in the Appalachian foothills of southern Ohio, so when I'm tired (or home) I sound like I'm from West Virginia. But I lived and worked in a white collar job in central Ohio for a lot of years, so most times I'm pretty firmly Midland. I was talking to a reporter in Dallas a few years ago and she said I sounded like I was from Chicago.

Old NFO said...

Yeah, Alan's right, and concur the Southern one is off too! But not bad :-)

Anonymous said...

The South Carolina accent is definitely off, I actually WAS born in Charleston!

The Texas one seemed a bit off from what I recall, particularly from the people around Sweetwater.

The Seattle accent, (people from Seattle have an accent?) seemed a bit off, since I now live in Eastern Washington, I think she'd pass, but no one is FROM Seattle, they all move there, then after 6-7 years, they move away! 300 days of rain a year isn't any fun.

LA was off as well, she was too quick.

The English, Scottish, Irish accents....well they all sound cool!


Phyllis (N/W Jersey) said...

Interesting! ANYONE that hears me talk would know right away I'm from New Jersey! Never lost the accent - tried, but it never went away!