Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Screw 'em

Via Insty, word that the New York Times may go out of business in the next six months.

Lots of discussion and handwringing about this, like it's somehow bad for the Republic.  It's not.  The assumption is that the media reliably informs the electorate.  It doesn't.
A marketing person would say that they're damaging the brand. We certainly see this with the public's reaction to the media: By 5-to-1 Public Thinks Media Trying To Elect Obama. Chart the New York Times share price over the last 5 years and you'll see the downside of what they are doing. Perhaps the most important intellectual tool I learned in Economics, was qui bono? When something doesn't look rational, ask yourself "who benefits"? This is the key to the mystery.
The media establishment has rotted to its very core, over a very long time.  The rot is institutionalized, meaning that the media cannot reform itself, any more than Gorbachev could reform the communist system - there are too many members of that establishment who are inested in the system to let it reform.

So if the news is so slanted that the public overwhelmingly thinks that it's biased, is it possible for someone who follows the media to understand what's happening in the world?  And if not, isn't the world better off without them?  They - along with much of the rest of the Intellectual Class - are actively damaging the fabric of society.

From the article, the most clueless graf:
If you’re hearing few howls and seeing little rending of garments over the impending death of institutional, high-quality journalism, it’s because the public at large has been trained to undervalue journalists and journalism. 
As Obi-wan would say, you have done that yourself.

And the horse you rode in on, fellows.

UPDATE 6 January 2009 22:13:  Steven den Beste says more or less what I said, but in more words.  And smarter.


Sevesteen said...

"Dog Killed: Family Pup Shot Execution-Style While Walking With Owner In Metroparks."

The actual story? A loose, adult Rottweiler attacked a leashed Lab puppy being walked by a concealed carry license holder. That part is pretty clear, and based on a police interview. The TV story didn't mention the lab at all, and showed pictures and video of the adult Rottweiler as a puppy.

Another station had a slightly better version, but chances are without bloggers, the discrepancies between the stories, and between the worst of them and reality wouldn't be noticed by nearly as many people.

Borepatch said...

Sevesteen, I think that everyone has a bunch of these stories. That's the problem - we've seen such terrible reporting so often that we're suspicious of what might be good reporting.

Anonymous said...

They are a bunch of traitorous snakes. A little tar and feather action is in order IMO.

the pistolero said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again: Couldn't happen to a more deserving bunch of arseholes.

Borepatch said...

Chrisb, I disagree with their agenda, and think that they have wielded whatever power they have in a corrupt manner. I'd reserve the "T" word for guys like John Walker and Aldrich Ames, tho.

I like the tar and feather idea, though, and think that this might be an outstanding centerpiece of the next shareholder's meeting. If they sold tickets and televised it, they might even break even on the year!

Pistolero, I'd say that you shouldn't hide your feelings, but I think I started it. ;-)

Anonymous said...

This came under discussion while the boyfriend and I were visiting Lissa, and it was agreed that the government should offer to keep the NYT afloat, provided the condition that it is renamed The Prava Times.

JD said...

I hope it takes the Boston Globe with it! Good riddance to them! The Boston Globe sunk so low they were in the supermarket a few months back trying to get us to subscribe. I could not help myself I just laughed at the poor guy and said "I would never read that liberal junk". . .
We do get the Sunday Globe I must admit. I like the comics, the wife wants the sales/coupons and the rest is used to start the fireplace all week. . ..

Anonymous said...

I said traitorous, not traitor. It is a degree thing. :)

The NY Times has done a lot to hurt America. Remember the six months of daily abu Ghraib nonsense?

blogger said...

Shoothouse Barbie, I think this falls under "Truth in Advertising" law ...

JD, I do like the sports, but all we were doing (the Mrs, really) was Sudoku.

Chrisb, I do indeed remember how they saw GWB as a bigger threat than the terrorists - this was sort of my point, although I didn't explicitly say it. I think that blowing the cover on the SWIFT monitoring is the worst they did - this absolutely hurt the fight, and now there's a Democratic administration that could use this Intel. I do think, however, that we need to be careful when we use the "T" word. One of the thinks I dislike the most about the left is how they toss around the word "racist", when it really means "I really, really disagree with you."

Your mileage may vary.

NotClauswitz said...

Ding-dong the Wicked Witch is dying!
We only buy the Sunday Mercury for the TV guide, and that's a POS itself.

NotClauswitz said...

Ding-dong the Wicked Witch is dying!
We only buy the Sunday Mercury for the TV guide, and that's a POS itself.

NotClauswitz said...

Oops dammit.

Anonymous said...

I see your point Ted. It can be a bit like the hippies screaming "Fascist!" non-stop.